Capacity Building

Capacity building involves working with communities or organisations to give them access to the resources and services that help them develop their own solutions. In LGBTI activism, this usually entails working with activist groups to let them develop and grow in places where there are significant obstacles to doing so. The goal is to tackle these problems, while considering the potential, limitations and needs of the activists in the country concerned.

In the Asia Pacific region, there are nations like Australia and New Zealand where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex people are lucky to have access to multiple services and resources. Sadly, in other countries legal prohibition and lack of registration/recognition can mean that funding and volunteers are hard to come by. This in turn can hinder the capacity of local LGBTI persons to effectively campaign for change.

At the request of activists in our region, and on their terms, Kaleidoscope Australia helps where possible by:

  • connecting activists with networks, resources and services in Australia and elsewhere, such as grant giving bodies, legal support and other relevant organisations that can help them to play a meaningful role in international or regional campaigns; and
  • facilitating tailored training and educational materials to assist activists in their important work.