Raising Awareness

Historically, activists in the Asia Pacific region have struggled to be heard globally. This can in part be because the local political class and media choose to ignore such issues, or because they are unaware of the work that LGBTI activists are doing.

At the local level, we can advise on how best to approach and nurture friendly news media and politicians in your home country.

We can also disseminate your news to the global LGBTI and news media and advocate on your behalf with the Australian or UK (through Kaleidoscope Trust) governments if appropriate. In particular, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and the opposition Minister over regional developments and commitments to aid the progress of reform in certain countries. Within our team we have many years of experience in strategic media relations and political lobbying that can be leveraged to support the needs of local activists.

Kaleidoscope has contributed a range of articles in the Star Observer, Australia’s largest LGBTI news publication, providing a snapshot of LGBTI rights in a different country in the region each month. These articles seek to raise awareness of regional LGBTI rights issues and amplify local activist voices. We have contributed articles on the following countries so far:

We work to raise the profile of an internationalised LGBTI network of activists working together. We do this through strategic media relations (check out our media archive) and social media. We encourage you to connect with us by liking our Facebook  page, follow us on LinkedIn or follow us on twitter: @KaleidoscopeHRF

Finally, we will also, from time to time, participate in talks, workshops and regional conferences.